Supporting local family farms

Southern Maryland Meats is a popular branding program of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission. It was developed in response to the high consumer demand for local, farm-raised meats.


Our Southern Maryland farmers are keeping family farms going strong, supporting our communities, and raising well cared-for animals to produce the world’s tastiest meat products.

Working together, we aim to create a local food economy the way it used to be 100 years ago-- with fresh naturally raised meats from farmers you can trust.

For consumers, that means it's easy to find the most delicious, high quality, locally and humanely raised meats, with quality standards you can trust. You can know that by buying healthy food you're also supporting sustainability and our local way of life.

For farmers, our services make it easier to get products to market. We can leverage our size in community and our government support to afford tools and services, marketing and educational programs to keep our farms competitive.

Young person smiling and standing in a doorway holding a piglet


How we support farmers

Aggregating & Branding: We help the visibility of member farms. People buying SMM member branded meats know they are getting certain standards of quality. We aggregate meats under our label to reach larger markets.
Marketing: This website and other initiatives offer wider reach and branded marketing for member farms.
Awareness: Our Little Free Library program and our publications promote awareness of the importance of agriculture, Southern Maryland farms, and their products.
Equipment: We make large equipment and processing services available to small farms, greatly increasing their ability to bring products to market.
Training: Southern Maryland Meats and SMADC host events and workshops throughout the year, on such topics as butchering and marketing.
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