Patuxent Harvest

Producer: Mike Derfler 

Our Meats
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About Patuxent Harvest

Patuxent Harvest offers pork (Tamworth), chicken (Red Meat Bird), and turkey (Broad Breasted White, Narragansett). Our pork is USDA slaughtered and processed, vacuum packed and wrapped frozen. Purchase pork by the cut or as a custom order (whole/side). Delivery available upon request. Patuxent Harvest is MDA-certified to offer whole chickens and turkey. Poultry processed on farm.

Where to Buy

On Farm
By appointment
1910 Chimney Lane, St. Leonard, MD 20685

Farm Production System

Our naturally raised, organic chickens, hogs and turkeys are Grain-fed, Grain-finished and pasture raised. We NEVER give our animals antibiotics, hormones, or growth promotants.

Contact Info:

Farm Address: 1910 Chimney Ln.,
St. Leonard, MD 20685
Phone: (443) 684-4634