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Producer: John Delozier

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About Just Holdin’

Custom orders only in advance. Our livestock is processed at a USDA facility to the customers’ order and specification (includes cuts and options such as sausage/bacon, etc.).

We arrange transportation to slaughter and delivery of processed orders to our customers. Beef (Angus and Herford), sold whole or half side. Pork/finished hogs (Duroc,

York/Hampshire cross, Landrace)must be ordered 4 to 6 months in advance, sold whole or half side. Feeder pigs are sold year round. Eggs available year-round.

Where to Buy

By appointment only, custom orders placed in advance

Farm Production System

Our beef cattle, hogs and chickens are naturally and humanely raised with access to pasture, grain-fed and grain-finished. Antibiotics used only when medically necessary, no growth implants, never fed animal byproducts.

Contact Info:

Farm Address: 25656 Vista Road, Hollywood, MD 20636
Phone: (301) 672-2856
Email: jjdelozier@gmail.com