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About Holly Hill Ranch

Our goal is to conserve heritage livestock; we specialize in raising heritage and endangered breeds specifically Hog Island, Shetland, and Leicester Longwool sheep, Beltsville Small White turkeys, Roman geese, Saxony ducks, and heritage and commercial broiler chickens. We also have breeding stock for sale for individuals who would enjoy raising their own meat.

Lamb and mutton is sold as whole, live animals. We assist with transporting purchased animals to a USDA inspected facility or custom butcher to be processed. Poultry (geese, turkeys, ducks and chickens) are home-processed for on-farm sales only.

We enjoy raising turkeys and geese for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday meals. Preorders are accepted with small deposit to ensure a bird is reserved for you.

Where to Buy

By appointment only

Farm Production System

Our animals are naturally raised with free access to pasture with space to forage, move about and act naturally. We do not use chemicals on our pastures; all animals are fed specie-specific feeds as needed.

Sheep (lamb and mutton) is naturally raised on pasture, grass-fed and grass-finished with access to free choice minerals; antibiotics are used only when medically necessary, no growth implants, never fed animal byproducts.

Poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese) are naturally raised on pasture and grain-finished (barley, soybean meal); our birds do not receive antibiotics ever, no growth implants, and never fed animal byproducts.

Contact Info:

Farm Address: 17915 Peed Road, Brandywine, MD 20613
Phone: (715) 412-0477
Email: hollyhillranch@yahoo.com
Website: http://hollyhillranch.square.site

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