Achterberg Acres

Producer: Rachel Norris-Achterberg


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About Achterberg Acres

We are a small farm, husband and wife duo, specializing in ethically, naturally raised animals and animal products. We are committed to the humane treatment of the animals in our care and allow them to socialize and roam at their leisure. We believe that low stress and high care create delicious meats that are well worth the work.  We sell pork, turkey, and chicken.

Our USDA processed pork is available as vacuum sealed, quick-frozen individual cuts (by the pound), or as a custom order by whole or half side. Our poultry is processed with appropriate certifications for on-farm sales. All of our farm products can be selected for purchase on our website or at occasional farmers markets. Check our social media for updates. Order pickup at the farm is available by appointment only.

We also offer educational experiences for those interested in learning farming/homesteading skills. Want to see where our meat comes from? Schedule a visit. We would be glad to have you!

Where to Buy

Online Farm Store:
Pickup at the farm by appointment only & at local markets in the area.
13284 Joy Road, Lusby, Maryland 20657-2637

Farm Production System
Our animals are naturally raised with free access to pasture and space to forage, move about and act naturally; antibiotics are used as medically necessary, and meat will never be sold to the public if administered. They do not receive growth implants and are never fed animal byproducts. Our animals are raised in natural woodlands with no added chemicals while we work to establish silvopastures. They have free access to minerals and are feed treats like vegetables and alfalfa regularly. 
Achterberg Acres

Contact Info:

Farm Address: 13284 Joy Road, Lusby, Maryland 20657-2637
Phone: (301) 997-3219