Good Meat Project Workshop

Getting Your Meat to Market: A Whole Animal Butchery Workshop

Hosted by Southern Maryland Meats, presented by the Good Meat Project with Camas Davis and Adam Danforth

October 9th and 10th, 2019 | Westham Butcher Shop, Mechanicsville

IMAGE: Cheryl Juetten


The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission and Southern Maryland Meats (SMM) will host the Good Meat Project with internationally renowned butcher and author Camas Davis (Killing It, An Education, 2108, Penguin Random House) and James Beard award-winning butcher Adam Danforth (Butchering Beef, 2017, Storey Press) to present a customized full-day workshop titled “Whole Carcass Butchery, Cut Sheet Analysis and Hands-on Butchery.”

The workshop will be held at the Westham Butcher Shop, the Amish owned and operated meat processing facility, that SMADC has been integral in their application for USDA inspection.

The workshop is planned as a two-day event on Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th, 2019 and is organized into three sessions:

10/9 Morning Session (Butchery Demo with Tastings) from 9 AM to 12:30 PM – $55 Per Person

*Maximum of 30 Attendees*

10/9 Afternoon Session (Hands-On Pig Butchery) from 2 to 6 PM – $80 Per Person

*Maximum of 12 Attendees*

10/10 Morning Session (Hands-On Pig Butchery) from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM – $80 Per Person

*Maximum of 8 Attendees*

About the Workshop

The Good Meat Project with Davis and Danforth are industry leaders in the movement of localized meat production and meat processing that is growing throughout the United States. In this collaborative workshop, geared towards producers, they will work through a typical pork cut sheet and explore the myriad of ways in which various carcass cuts that might be utilized in retail, restaurant and home settings. They will also explore how producers can tell the story of each of the meat cuts to customers using the appealing language of flavor and texture.

By way of a whole pig butchery demo, anatomy lesson, and muscle tasting and comparison for the larger group in the morning, followed by hands-on butchery lesson for a smaller group of participants in the afternoon, they will discover how each cut of meat holds great potential for positive, even transformative, flavor experiences for the eater, a key component to successfully marketing the whole animal. They will also delve into more practical questions about yield and pricing that are bound to occur as producers are settling on a cut sheet with the processor.

Launch Point Regional Agriculture Center (RAC)

The workshop will also be used as a “launch point” for the introduction of the SMM Program’s infrastructure and marketing efforts to establish Southern Maryland as a destination for fine regionally produced and processed meats.

The SMADC/TCC recently awarded grant to St Mary’s County for the construction of the Regional Agricultural Center (RAC) to be anchored by a butcher shop and added-value charcuterie operation is the latest achievement in the agricultural development model created by SMADC/TCC to grow and enhance the livestock sector in Southern Maryland.

A total regulated meat processing industry requires not only humane and regulated animal slaughter, it also requires expert butchery and added-value operations to be performed in a regulated environment on the carcasses in order to sell to the public and distribute throughout the region to customers, both large and small. It is especially critical to offer added-value services, such as smoking, curing, grinding and creating world class finer meats. The RAC with its anchor facilities being a certified butcher shop and charcuterie married with the locational ability to amalgamate and distribute from a centralized location will complete the infrastructure required to elevate the Southern Maryland Meats brand and its producers to a highly competitive level. By bringing nationally recognized industry leaders to Southern Maryland will not only assist in the education of our producers and consumers, it will also bring attention to the world-class facilities SMADC/TCC is facilitating in construction.

All Things Meat

The action plan for the RAC is to have it widely known as a destination for All Things Meat in the meat processing world, and a sought-after Ground Zero site for products, skills and instruction to rapidly expanding niche markets both regionally and nationally. By having it located near the unique, Amish built and owned, and totally off-the-grid USDA certified slaughterhouse to having customized butchery services which will allow for bulk quantity sales to institutions and fresh meat sales directly to consumers on site and to grocery and institutional buyers (as opposed to the current frozen offerings), the RAC will service several tracks for meat sales. And further, in practicing whole animal butchery and added-value charcuterie services, the RAC will eliminate food waste (producers can get value out of all of the animal). The RAC will also create shelf stable products that can be directly shipped to customers throughout the United States.

The Good Meat Project is the industry leader in defining and promoting these efforts, and as such, is the best (and only) source for this valuable instruction.


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