Southern Maryland Meats Products

Southern Maryland Meats product line includes: Beef, Pork, Poultry (Chicken, Guinea Hens, and Turkey), Lamb, Goat, and Rabbit.

All products are produced/raised in the five Southern Maryland counties of Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges and St. Mary’s. Some farms are able to custom-grow or custom-cut their animals. Contact the individual farms for more information.

The Southern Maryland Meats Standard

Each farm raises, feeds and finishes its animals according to its own style and preference, however, to use the SMM brand, the farm must pledge to uphold strict standards of quality and humane care, and to use clearly defined terms (see glossary below) when marketing its product.

Each animal is raised and processed according to our high quality standards to ensure the finest meat locally produced.

To use the SMM logo, farmers agree to uphold official quality standards (read our full standards below).

Southern Maryland Meats Consumer Beef Buying Guide

Consumer Resources

Buying local meat should be simple. That’s why Southern Maryland Meats has created these helpful consumer resources. Understand the local meats our farmers produce, how to use a “cut sheet” for custom orders, and why frozen meats are a smart and healthy choice.

Download and print these tri-fold brochures:

Buying Local Beef

Buying Local Goat

Buying Local Lamb

Buying Local Pork

Additional Consumer Resources:

How to Use a Cut Sheet

Why Frozen Meat

Search Farms by Type of Meat

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